Sophan- Steve Chhin
Telephone: 517-353-7251

Assistant Professor, Silviculture and Forest Ecosystem Productivity

119 Natural Resources Building


Ph.D. in Forest Biology and Management, University of Alberta, Canada, 2008
M.Sc. in Ecology, University of Manitoba, Canada, 2003
B.Sc. in Biology and Biochemistry, University of Winnipeg, Canada, 2001

Research Interests

Effect of silvicultural practices on wood quality and woody biomass feedstock development for bioenergy and biofuels

Effects of macroclimate, microclimate, and biotic interactions (i.e., competition, facilitation) on establishment and growth of tree seedlings (silviculture)

Tree-ring applications (dendrochronology) in forest stand dynamics (dendroecology) and forest growth-climate relationships (dendroclimatology)

Impact of global change (i.e., increased CO2, global warming) on forest distribution and productivity

Fire ecology and management: reconstructing past fire history; environmental effects on fuel accumulation and decay rates

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Magruder, M., Chhin, S., Palik, B., and Bradford, J.B.  2013.  Thinning increases climatic resilience of red pine.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research, In Press.

Chhin, S., Chumack, K., Dahl, T., David, E.T., Kurzeja, P., Magruder, M., and Telewski, F.W. 2013.  Growth-climate relationships of Pinus strobus in the floodway versus terrace forest along the banks of the Red Cedar River, Michigan.  Tree-Ring Research, In Press.

Mbow, C., Chhin, S., Sambou, B., and Skole, D.  2013.  Potential of dendrochronology to assess annual rates of biomass productivity in savanna trees of West Africa.  Dendrochronologia, 31: 41-51.

Magruder, M., Chhin, S., Monks, D., and O’Brien, J.  2012.  Effects of initial stand density and climate on red pine productivity within Huron National Forest, Michigan.  Forests, 3: 1086-1103.

Chhin, S.  2010.  Influence of climate on the growth of hybrid poplar in Michigan.  Forests, 1: 209-229. (Open Access)

Chhin, S., Hogg, E.H., Lieffers, V.J., and Huang, S.  2010.  Growth-climate relationships vary with height along the stem in lodgepole pine.  Tree Physiology, 30: 335-345.

Chhin, S., Hogg, E.H., Lieffers, V.J., and Huang, S.  2008.  Potential effects of climate change on the growth of lodgepole pine across diameter size classes and ecological regions.  Forest Ecology and Management, 256: 1692-1703.

Chhin, S., Hogg, E.H., Lieffers, V.J., and Huang, S.  2008.  Influences of climate on the radial growth of lodgepole pine in Alberta.  Botany, 86: 167-178.

Chhin, S., and Wang, G.G.  2008.  Climatic response of Picea glauca seedlings in a forest-prairie ecotone of western Canada.  Annals of Forest Science, 65, Article No. 207: 8 pages.

Chhin, S., and Wang, G.G.  2007.  Growth of white spruce, Picea glauca, seedlings in relation to microenvironmental conditions in a forest-prairie ecotone of southwestern Manitoba.  Canadian Field Naturalist, 121: 191-200.

Book Chapters

Chhin, S.  2009.  Conceptual and methodological considerations in utilizing tree-rings to derive past history of heavy metal pollution.  In Tree Growth: Influences, Layers and Types.  Edited by W.P. Karam.  Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, New York, ISBN: 978-1-60741-784-2, pages 121-130.

Chhin, S.  2008.  Methodological considerations in examining the demographic response of tree populations to drought stress.  In Droughts: Causes, Effects and Predictions.  Edited by J.M. Sanchez.  Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, New York, ISBN: 978-1-60456-285-9, pages 219-236.

Technical Reports:

Handler, S.; Duveneck, M. J.; Iverson, L.; Peters, E.; Scheller, R. M.; Wythers, K. R.; Brandt, L.; Butler, P.; Janowiak, M.; Swanston, C.; Clark Eagle, A.; Cohen, J. G.; Corner, R.; Reich, P. B.; Baker, T.; Chhin, S.; Clark, E.; Fehringer, D.; Fosgitt, J.; Gries, J.; Hall, K. R.; Hall, C.; Heyd, R.; Hoving, C. L.; Ibanez, I.; Kuhr, D.; Matthews, S.; Muladore, J.; Nadelhoffer, K.; Neumann, D.; Peters, M.; Prasad, A.; Sands, M.; Swaty, R.; Wonch, L.; Daley, J.; Davenport, M.; Emery, M. R.; Johnson, G.; Johnson, L.; Neitzel, D.; Rissman, A.; Rittenhouse, C.; and Ziel, R. 2013. Michigan Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis: A report from the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework. Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-XX. Newtown Square, PA; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station, In Press.

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