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Holly Mueller

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4-H Program Coordinator



Holly Mueller is a Michigan State University Extension 4-H Program Coordinator in Bay County. She has worked in this capacity since August 2017. Holly’s primary office is in MSU Extension office located in the Bay County building. 

As a 4-H Program Coordinator, Holly leads and manages local 4-H programs, volunteers, and youth participants in Bay County. She promotes and strengthens the Bay County 4-H program by developing programs and partnerships and evaluating 4-H programs and recruiting and training volunteers. 

Holly started as a 4-H parent and volunteer in 2013.  She has helped her daughter engage in various animal projects including:  market and breed poultry, rabbits, and lambs. They were also involved in many still project areas, including:  art, baking, cooking, educational projects, gardening, and sewing.

Holly’s career goal is to positively influence youth and to provide them with the resources they need to be successful in adulthood.