Kyu Kyu Thin, MS-A

Kyu Kyu Thin

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CSUS - Community sustainability, technology adoption, sustainable agriculture practices
Department of Community Sustainability

Home Country: Myanmar

Advisor: John Kerr

I have completed my bachelor and my first master’s degrees from Yezin Agricultural University. Throughout my five years journey as a development worker at various non-government organizations, I support farmers to improve knowledge capacity and access market opportunities for their increased income with sustainable management practices. I really loved and passionate about working with the local communities, especially farmers because i have grown up among those communities.

Before I came here, I worked as a market system development officer at “The Regional BioTrade Project” of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation which is implementing in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar in order to conserve biodiversity through sustainable trade in natural ingredients in a manner that increases the competitiveness of local exporter/ importer and the livelihood benefits of the rural population.