Liana Pepin

Liana Pepin

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4-H program Coordinator
Marquette County Extension Office


Liana Pepin is a Michigan State University 4-H Extension Educator. She is located in Marquette County.
Liana oversees the 4-H program in Marquette County and also serves on the Leadership, Culture, and Civic Engagement workgroup.
She can help provide information about the following topic areas:
*Citizenship Washington Focus
*Collegiate 4-H
Liana has a long history with MSU Extension. Liana began half-time work serving Alger County 4-H in August of 2006. She began full-time work in February of 2012 as the Marquette and Alger 4-H Program Coordinator, which she did for four years until Marquette County graciously made her full-time covering only Marquette County.
Liana has a Bachelor of Science in English and History Secondary Education from Northern Michigan University.

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