Maureen McDonough

Maureen McDonough

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Professor Emeritus, Forest Sociology and Social Forestry
Department of Forestry



PhD in Forest Resources (Forest Sociology), University of Washington, 1980
MSF in Wildlife Ecology, University of Florida, 1975
BS in Biology, Baldwin Wallace College, 1973

Research Interests

Applications of social science to natural resource issues. Specific interests include public education about forest management, understanding nonforestry publics and participatory small-scale forestry (social forestry).

Selected Publications

Grove, M., K. E. Vachta, M. H. McDonough, and W. R. Burch. In Press. The urban resources initiative: Community benefits from forestry. In Managing urban and high use recreation settings, P.H. Gobster (ed.). U.S. Forest Service, General Technical Report, NC-XXX, St. Paul, Minn.

McDonough, M. H. 1993. Integrating the diversity of public values into ecosystem management. In Ecosystem management in a dynamic society, D. Lemaster (ed.). Purdue University Press.

McDonough, M. H., W. R. Burch, and M. Grove. 1992. The urban resources initiative. Proceedings of the National Urban Forestry Conference, Los Angeles.

McDonough, M. H., and T. Lee. 1990. Evaluation of interpretive services: What do we know in 1990? Proceedings National Workshop, National Association of Interpretation, Charleston, South Carolina.

Nelson, C. M., M. H. McDonough, and D. F. Holecek. 1989. Beliefs, attitudes and political behavior of forest recreationists toward timber management in Michigan. In First National Symposium on Social Science in Resource Management Conference Proceedings, 135- 146. Corvallis, Oregon. College of Forestry, Oregon State University.

McDonough, M. H., M. Cobb, and D. F. Holecek. 1987. Role of commu nication science in social valuation of fisheries. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 116(3): 519-524.

McDonough, M. H. 1986. Communication channels in recreation re search. In President's Commission on American Outdoors: A Literature Review, Washington, D.C.