Melvin Koelling

Melvin Koelling

Department of Forestry

Professor Emeritus, Forestry Extension and Tree Physiology

Research Interests

Biological and economic aspects of Christmas tree production; Christmas tree marketing and market trends; evaluation of alternative species especially Abies sp. for Christmas tree production.

Programs and Grants

  • Evaluation of true firs (Abies sp.) for Christmas tree production
  • Soil fertility management for Fraser fir
  • Environmental implications of Christmas tree production.

Outlying Property Manager

  • Upper Peninsula Tree Improvement Center (UPTIC)
  • WK Kellogg Forest
  • Fred Russ Forest
  • Jim Wells Forest
  • Dunbar Experimental Forest
  • Tree Research Center (TRC)
  • Latest GIS Layouts for Outlying Properties

Selected Publications

Koelling, M. R., 1991. "Environmental Concerns and Christmas Tree Producers. Michigan Christmas Tree Journal 33(2):11, 17, 18, and 48.

Koelling, M. R., 1992. "A Ten-Year Michigan Christmas Tree Grower Survey." American Christmas Tree Journal 36(3):19-25.

Koelling, M. R., 1998. "Christmas Trees Do Not Cause Fires - Some Facts!", American Christmas Tree Journal, 42(4):4-21.

Koelling, M. R., 2001. "Fertilization Recommendations For Fraser Fir - Part I: Before Planting", Michigan Christmas Tree Journal 48(4):5-9.

Koelling, M. R., 2002. "Fertilization Recommendations For Fraser Fir - Part II: Established Plantings", Michigan Christmas Tree Journal, 49 (1): 5-8.

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