Minsu Kim

Minsu Kim


Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

PhD Student

Area of Expertise:

Environmental and Energy Economics, Climate Change


M.A., Seoul National University
B.S., Pohang University of Science and Technology

Major Professor: Richard Horan

Areas of Specialization: Environmental and energy economics, and climate and energy policy

Minsu Kim joined AFRE as a Ph.D. student in 2018 and was a course assistant in Food Product Marketing (FIM 220) and Ecological Economics (EEM 255) and now is a research assistant for Dr. Horan. Before came here, he had lots of working and research experience at administration, legislature and industry in South Korea: the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Research Center of Korea, the National Assembly of Korea, and Samsung. He also participated in the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris, UNFCCC, representing Korean Youth NGO and the Ministry of Environment.

His previous papers and government reports covered various climate policies at urban, national and international levels: the adoption and industrial competitiveness of renewable energy sources, negotiation, and emission trading scheme. He is currently working on research projects related to emission trading system, water quality, market failure and optimization. When he gets the time, he does take a photograph, travel around for nature, bake food, or play sports: baseball, soccer, tennis, fitness and marathon.