Phu Nguyen

Phu Nguyen

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Assistant Professor Emeritus, Soil and Forest Ecology
Department of Forestry


Courses Taught

  • Forest and Agricultural Ecology (FOR/CSS 404)
  • Special Problems (FOR 890)

Research Interests

Resources dynamics in forest ecosystems under various management practices and soil resources in agroforestry practices for temperate and tropical regions.

Significant Programs and Grants

  • Dendroremediation of Michigan Environmentally Contaminated Sites (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality)
  • Utilization/Recycling of wood ash through land application (USDA).
  • Net assimilation and photosynthate allocation of Populus clones grown under short rotation intensive culture: physiological and genetic responses regulating yield (with D.I. Dickmann and K.S. Pregitzer) (USDOE).
  • Biomass decomposition of nitrogen fixing shrubs as mulch/green manure in agroforestry practices (with M.A. Gold ) (McIntire-Stennis).
  • Interaction effects of soil nitrogen levels and a companion crop on nitrogen fixation and nodulation of Robinia pseudoacacia (with D.O. Lantagne and M.A. Gold ) (McIntire-Stennis).
  • Ecological monitoring of sludge fertilization on state forest lands in northern Lower Michigan (with J.B. Hart) (USEPA/MDNR).
  • Hydrologic and water quality effects from sludge application to forests in northern Lower Michigan (with J.B. Hart and D.H. Urie) (USEPA/MDNR).

Selected Publications

Dickmann, D.I., P.V. Nguyen and K.S. Pregitzer. 1996. Effects of irrigation and coppicing on above-ground growth, physiology, and fine-root dynamics of two field-grown hybrid poplar clones. J. of Forest Ecology and Management 80: 163-174

Chirko. C.P., M.A. Gold, P.V. Nguyen and J. Jiang. 1996. Influence of direction and distance from trees on wheat yield and photosynthetic flux density (Qp) in a Paulownia intercropping system. J. of Forest Ecology and Management (In press).

Close, R.E., P.V. Nguyen, and J.J. Kielbaso. 1996. Urban vs. woodlot sugar maple growth: I. Stress symptoms and phenology in relation to site characteristics. J. of Arboriculture (In press).

Powers, M.P., D.O. Lantagne, P.V. Nguyen, and M.A. Gold. 1995. 15N-labeled fertilizer and maize intercropping effects on nitrogen-fixation in black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.). Proceedings of the North America Temperate Agroforestry Conference. Demois, Idaho (In press).

Bross, E.L., M.A. Gold, and P.V. Nguyen. 1995. Quality and decomposition of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) and alfalfa (Medicago sativa) mulch for temperate alley cropping systems. Agroforestry Systems 29: 255-264.

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