Rachel Nanteza, MS-A

Rachel Nanteza

Department of Community Sustainability

CSUS - Water Access and Distributive Justice of Water

Hometown:  Kampala- Uganda

AdvisorDr. Maria Claudia Lopez

Rachel has an academic background in Environmental Studies, and Sustainability and Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) from Michigan State University. She is pursuing a Masters' in the Department of Community Sustainability with a focus on natural resource management and policy. Her research explores the socio- economic and political factors influencing access to water in low income communities of Kampala, Uganda. She is interested in understanding how perceptions of access to water as a human right and/or as a service among stakeholders (consumers, utility companies, policy makers and NGOs) impacts their engagement in advancing water equity. Findings from her work will inform collaboration efforts among stakeholders to improve the distributive justice and access to water especially in low income communities. After her graduation, she intends to work with organizations that advocate and make provision for water equity projects to thrive in low income communities in Africa and South America.