Teguh Amor Patria, PhD

Teguh Amor Patria

Department of Community Sustainability

STPAM - Heritage Tourism and Community-based Tourism Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Advisor: Gail Vander Stoep

Teguh Amor Patria (Amor) began his Doctoral study in Sustainable Tourism & Protected Area Management with the CSUS Department, MSU, in 2014. After graduating, Amor will return to his home university in Jakarta, Indonesia, to continue teaching Tourism. With the knowledge and experiences gained during the study, he aspires to contribute to the development of heritage tourism in Indonesia as well as to help local communities develop their entrepreneurial skills, which can be beneficial for local tourism development and their well beings. In his past time, Amor enjoys reading books about tourism, history, and culture, as well as traveling, writing, and taking photos. Through his study at MSU, Amor hopes to build international networks and aspires to collaborate with international partners in the fields of heritage tourism and community-based tourism entrepreneurship - in both the academic and practical worlds.