Teguh Amor Patria, PhD

Teguh Amor Patria

Department of Community Sustainability

STPAM - Heritage Tourism, Community-based Tourism, Tourism Marketing


Advisor: Gail Vander Stoep

One of my biggest passions in life is tourism. I love traveling as well as observing and learning how tourism systems work in different places. Academically, I’ve been a lecturer in tourism since 2008 and a tourism researcher since 2013 in Indonesia. Long before that, in 2003, I founded my own community group in my home city, Bandung, which was aimed at raising public awareness of heritage conservation and heritage tourism. I believe that heritage can bring benefits to the public if it is managed and developed carefully. Doing Ph.D. study in tourism, moreover overseas, was one of my dreams not only will it support my academic profession but also improve my understanding of tourism and enrich my experience and expand my network. I hope I will be able to produce at least one book as a result of my study here. After completion of my study, I will return to my beloved home country and hope to contribute to the development of tourism there.

Last but not least, I would be happy to meet and build friendships with as many people as possible here at MSU.