Tum Nhim, MS-A

Tum Nhim

Department of Community Sustainability

Program: CSUS

Academic Focus Area: Natural Resources and the Environment

Hometown: Cambodia

Advisor: Laura Schmitt Olabisi

I completed my B.Eng. in Water Resources and Rural Infrastructure Engineering from Cambodia in 2011 before I left for Sweden in the same year for MSc. in Earth Science at Uppsala University, with a major in Hydrology/Hydrogeology. I graduated in 2012, returned to Cambodia and worked as a hydrologist in a project called "Secure Water to Secure Food and Nutrition". After, I changed to work as a researcher for a Cambodian NGO, where I led a project called "Land Use Change and Food Security of Indigenous People in Cambodia". After working there for 1 year, I found out that what can make my future career more meaningful is to be part of interdisciplinary researches; that's why I came here (CSUS) in 2013 for another MSc. My main research interests are "Climate Change, Sustainable Water Management, and Food Security". My current thesis focuses on "Understanding resilience of agricultural community in Cambodia in the face of climate change-induced drought", using system dynamic modeling approach.

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