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Selected Publications

    • Haggblade, Steven, J. Staatz, D. Boughton, B. Diallo, F. Meyer, and L.N. Traub. 2015. Regional Dimensions of South Africa’s CAADP Process: Lessons from West Africa. African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics Volume 10 (1), 32-50
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    • Mather, David, Boughton, Duncan and Jayne, T.S. 2013. Explaining Smallholder Maize Marketing in Southern and Eastern Africa: The Roles of Market Access, Technology and Household Resource Endowments. Food Policy 43 (2013) 248-266.
    • Tschirley, David L., Poulton, Colin, Gergely, Nicolas, Labaste, Patrick, Baffes, John, Boughton, Duncan H., and Estur, Gerald. 2010. Institutional Diversity and Performance in African Cotton Sectors. Development Policy Review 28 (3): 295-323.
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    • Boughton, Duncan, David Mather, Christopher B. Barrett, Rui Benfica, Danilo Abdula, David Tschirley and Benedito Cunguara. 2007.  Market Participation by Rural Households in a Low-Income Country: An Asset-Based Approach Applied to Mozambique.  Faith and Economics Vol 50:64-101.