Selected Publications (View all Donovan’s publications on Google Scholar sorted by year)

Kizito, Andrew M., Cynthia Donovan, and John M. Staatz. 2012. Impact of Agricultural Market Information Systems Activities on Market Performance in Mozambique. Mozambique Country Report. International Development Working Paper 124. East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State University.

Donovan, Cynthia, Steven Haggblade, Venâncio Alexandre Salegua, Constantino Cuambe, João Mudema, and Alda Tomo. 2011.  Cassava Commercialization in Mozambique. International Development Working Paper No. 120. East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State University.

Mason, Nicole M., Thomas S. Jayne, Antony Chapoto, and Cynthia Donovan. 2011. Putting the 2007/2008 Global Food Crisis in Longer-Term Perspective: Trends in Staple Food Affordability in Urban Zambia and Kenya. Food Policy 36 (2011): 350-367.

Donovan, Cynthia, Reyes, Byron, Pitoro, Raul, Payongayong, Maria E. 2010. Farmer Income Support Project (FISP) Coconut Farmers’ Survey Report. Research Report No. 69E.  Maputo: Directorate of Economics, Ministry of Agriculture, Mozambique.