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Selected Publications

Theriault, V. and Tschirley, D. 2014. How Institutions Mediate the Impact of Cash Cropping on Food Crop Intensification: An Application to Cotton in Sub-Saharan Africa. World Development, 64:298-310.

Theriault, V. 2014. Rev. of New Directions for Smallholder Agriculture, eds. Peter Hazell and Atiqur Rahman. Journal of Economic Issues, 48(4): 1163-1165.

Theriault, V. and Serra, R. 2014. Institutional Environment and Technical Efficiency: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Cotton Producers in West Africa. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 65: 383–405.

Theriault, V., R. Serra, and J.A. Sterns. 2013. Prices, institutions, and determinants of supply in the Malian cotton sector. Agricultural Economics, 44(2): 161-174.

Theriault, V. and J. A. Sterns. 2012. The Evolution of Institutions in the Malian Cotton Sector: An Application of John R. Commons’s Ideas. Journal of Economic Issues, 46(4):941-965.