Michigan Tree Fruit Commission

The Michigan Tree Fruit Commission (MTFC) was created in 2014, when growers of apples, cherries, peaches and plums established the MTFC under the authority of Public Act 232.

The commission has three objectives:

  1. Address the dire need to improve the infrastructure at the Michigan State University fruit research centers. This includes the Clarksville Research Center, the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center, the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center, and the Trevor Nichols Research Center.
  2. Assure that researchers are in place and equipped to address the industry’s pressing issues.
  3. Enhance the capabilities of the MSU fruit extension team to keep the Michigan industry on the cutting edge of information and technology.

The MTFC is a partnership among the tree fruit industry, MSU AgBioResearch, MSU Extension and the Michigan Legislature. Administrative functions for the MTFC are shared among organizations that support the fruit industry, including the Michigan Apple Committee, the Cherry Marketing Institute, Michigan Farm Bureau, the Michigan Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Association and the Michigan State Horticulture Society.