4-H Hands Life Skills Sheets (4H1673)


August 16, 2016 -

These 8.5 x 11 fact sheets help 4-H and other youth group volunteer leaders understand how project areas help young people develop life skills focused on giving and working from the Targeting Life Skills Model under the area of the hands. The 3x5 4-H Hands Life Skills Pocket Cards (4H1673) are a companion piece designed to easily be transported and used anywhere.  


As a 4-H volunteer, you must take responsibility to teach life skills to youth to help them reach their full potential. Many of the life skills that members gain through 4-H participation are identified in the Iowa State University Targeting Life Skills Model. 4-H leaders can use this resource with club members to help connect life skills learned through hands-on 4-H projects to real-life experiences. The 4-H Head Life Skills sheets focus specifically on helping young people connect those life skills under the area of the hands on the Targeting Life Skills Model.

4-H Hands Life Skills include:

  • Community Service/ Volunteering
  • Contributions to Group Effort
  • Leadership
  • Marketable Skills
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Self – Motivation
  • Teamwork

Each life skills sheets consists of a list of some of the skills gained through the life skill, a list of specific skills by age group, related activities, age-appropriate discussion questions, learning opportunities and places to find more information.

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