Bulletin E2975
A Pocket Guide for IPM Weed Identification in Christmas Tree


November 11, 2015 - Steven A. Gower


Like growers of any other crop, Christmas tree growers face a myriad of pest and plant health problems that are best managed within the context of a comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) program. Scouting for plant pests is the foundation of an IPM program, so weed identification is one of the first critical steps to creating an integrated weed management program. This IPM pocket scouting guide for identifying weeds in Christmas tree plantations was designed for field use. This guide will help with proper weed identification, which will allow growers to implement proper IPM practices, including site-specific management, prevention and sanitation, appropriate herbicide selection and prevention of herbicide misapplication due to improper herbicide selection.

Specific pesticides are not listed in this guide. Recommendations can change frequently as new products become available and older ones are removed from the market. We suggest you contact your local MSU Extension office. This guide is a field supplement to the more comprehensive resources listed in the suggested reading section.



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