Agriculture and the Rural Economy: The Struggle to Transform Rural Livelihoods. In A. Simpson, & N. Farrelly (Eds.), Myanmar: Politics, Economy, and Society (Chapter 10)

November 12, 2020 - <>, Ikuko Okamoto, Siu Sue Mark, Tin Htut Oo, Theingi Myint and Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung

Boughton, D., Okamoto, I., Mark, S.S., Oo, H.T., Myint, T., & Thawnghmung, A.M. (2020). Agriculture and the Rural Economy: The Struggle to Transform Rural Livelihoods. In A. Simpson, & N. Farrelly (Eds.), Myanmar: Politics, Economy, and Society (Chapter 10). Routledge.

Book Description

This book provides a sophisticated, yet accessible, overview of the key political, economic and social challenges facing contemporary Myanmar and explains the complex historical and ethnic dynamics that have shaped the country.

With clear and incisive contributions from the world’s leading Myanmar scholars, this book assesses the policies and political reforms that have provoked contestation in Myanmar’s recent history and driven both economic and social change. In this context, questions of economic ownership and control and the distribution of natural resources are shown to be deeply informed by long-standing fractures among ethnic and civil-military relations. The chapters analyse the key issues that constrain or expedite societal development in Myanmar and place recent events of national and international significance in the context of its complex history and social relations. In doing so, the book demonstrates that ethnic and cultural diversity is at the core of Myanmar’s society and heavily influences all aspects of life in the country.

Filling a gap in the market, this research textbook and primer will be of interest to upper undergraduates, postgraduates and scholars of Southeast Asian politics, economics and society and to journalists and professionals working within governments, companies and other organisations.


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