Some potential points to spur discussion:

  • Not all bank branches are the same. Big national banks, smaller local banks, credit unions, and everything in between have different requirements for locating—or staying—in an area.
  • All else equal, local banks have a demand threshold four times smaller than branch regional banks for the average county.
  • Local banks themselves are better suited to the unique economic conditions of more rural places.
  • However, given the heterogeneity of rural places, we delve deeper into opportunities for places to support their local banks and thereby local businesses and general economic resiliency.  

For more details, see Van Sandt, Anders, Craig Wesley Carpenter, Charles Tolbert. 2021. “Decomposing Local Bank Impacts with Demand Thresholds.” Under review.

This project was supported by the Agricultural and Food Research Initiative Competitive Program of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), award number 2017-67023-26242.


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