Briefing Note 2: Values about the Flint food system


June 26, 2020 - <>, <>, and Chelsea Wentworth

What does a desirable future food system look like in Flint? How will that reflect the needs and wishes of the Flint community? To answer these questions, we carried out twelve visioning workshops in 2019-20 with a diverse range of community members. The visioning exercise asked residents what they liked and disliked about the current and past food system in Flint, and what they would like to see in the future. The workshop data was used to identify sixteen values, understood as priorities for the future, that represent a desirable food system. The community’s sixteen values will inform future modeling work for this project, and can be used by funders to identify priorities for food system projects.

Suggested citation

Belisle-Toler, R., Hodbod, J. & Wentworth, C. (2020). Values about the Flint Food System. Flint Leverage Points Briefing Note 2. Flint, Michigan: Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Michigan State University.

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