Briefing Note 3: History of food in Flint


August 24, 2020 - Author: and Jennifer Hodbod

To understand why Flint’s food system functions as it does today, we need to understand its history. One of our first research activities was to co-create a timeline of significant events that impacted the structure and function of the current food system. With food system leaders and community members, we developed a large comprehensive timeline and a shorter digital timeline that highlight both negative and positive environmental, economic, and social events that shaped the food system in Flint. We identified whether events were within or external to Flint, and whether they were food-specific or broader.

Suggested citation

Wentworth, C. & Hodbod, J. (2020). History of Food in Flint. Flint Leverage Points Briefing Note 3. Flint, Michigan: Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Michigan State University.

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Tags: flint food, food system, urban food systems in flint


Chelsea Wentworth

Chelsea Wentworth

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