Challenges and Opportunities for Women in the Rwandan Coffee Sector


June 1, 2017 - Author:

Challenges and Opportunities for Women in the Rwandan Coffee Sector
Maria Claudia Lopez
June 2017, Kigali, Rwanda

Recap of challenges and findings

  • Female-headed HHs are different from the male-headed HHs (household characteristics, farms, coffee production etc.).
  • Food scarcity is higher in women headed HHs (but it is high in both groups).
  • Female-headed HHs join cooperatives more than male-headed HHs (safety net, increase capital, source of information).
  • Female-headed HHs are hiring labor to do pruning, stumping and fertilizer application.
  • Female-headed HHs apply less manure than male-headed HHs.
  • Productivity is lower in female-headed HHs than in male-headed HHs.
  • Female-headed HHs are using fewer inputs than male-headed HHs.
  • Our data shows that female-headed HHs are reporting less antestia incidence in their fields.


Tags: aglc (rwanda and burundi), coffee, fsg presentations, fsp presentations, value chain analysis

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Rwanda, AGLC, FSP Gender dataset


Maria Claudia Lopez

Maria Claudia Lopez

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