Environmental Factors

Segment: 8. Plant Culture & Propagation, Standard: Determine the influence of environmental factors on plant growth. (Technical II.B.1)


Discuss the following environmental factors: light, temperature, humidity, water, and nutrition. More in-depth information can be expanded upon within all of these factors. There are different types of fungal diseases that could also be discussed that affect the growing environment for plants. Students can then compare different environments in the local community. To understand why certain foods grow in areas of the world, environments throughout the United States could also be discussed. The agriscience fair could be a great resource for students to do a research experiment on how long it takes seeds to emerge based on the type of seed, amount of water, added nutrients, etc.

NGSS Link: HS-LS4-4 (a) Discussion idea: plants that act as perennials in higher climate zones and annuals in lower climate zones; (b) Discussion idea: water quality affects populations of species; (c) video: Standard Deviants: Evolutionary Biology

NGSS Link: HS-ESS2-5 (a) Environmental factors on plant growth: Conduct various trials of plant growth under different environmental conditions (e.g., water and soil variables); (b) Rock breakdown: Add pebbles to a container and add water. The students can create mechanical weathering simulations (e.g., abrasion, ice wedging, etc)

NGSS Link: HS-ESS2-6 (a) Demonstrate proper requirements for plant growth using a greenhouse


Teaching Methods

Brainstorming, Lecture Discussion, Paired or Small Group Discussion, Demonstration, Resource People, Experiment, Game and Simulations


Tags: agriculture food and natural resources education, curriculum

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