FSP at ICAE 2018

July 28, 2018 - <paymalel@msu.edu>

By Paymal, Elisabeth


Pre-conference workshop: “Capacity Building and Quantitative Food System Analysis”
Tom Reardon and Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

Quiet Revolutions in Aquaculture & Poultry Value Chains in Africa & Asia
Tom Reardon, Ben Belton, Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, MSU; Ricardo Hernandez, CIAT

Transformative Innovation in Food Value Chains in Africa & Asia
Tom Reardon, Ben Belton, Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, MSU; Ricardo Hernandez, CIAT; Bart Minten, IFPRI

SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2018
Room: Ballroom D
Invited Panel 2, Economics of next generation innovations in food and agriculture
Ousmane Badiane, IFPRI: Agricultural policy innovations in Africa 

How are changing land dynamics affecting smallholder participation in agricultural input and output markets in Africa
Organizer: Thomas Jayne, Michigan State University
Participants: Burke, Muyanga, van der Westhuize

Room: Salon 2
Rural Development Report 2019: Rural Youth. Preview and Feedback to IFAD
Convenor: Paul Winters, IFAD 
Format: Panel Discussion
Panelists: Karen Brooks, IFPRI, Cheryl Doss, Oxford University, Thomas Reardon, Michigan State University, Guy Stecklov, University of British Columbia

Room: Fraser
101 - Agricultural input subsidy programs in Sub-Saharan Africa: are recent program innovations improving program performance? Evidence from Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia
Organizer: Nicole Mason, Michigan State
Participants: Tahirou Abdoulaye, Solomon Asfaw, Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, Nicholas Minot, Flora Nankhuni

Room: President
47 - Productivity growth and emerging regional issues in agricultural development
Organizer: Keijiro Otsuka
Participants: Futoshi Yamauchi, Anjani Kumar, Thomas Jayne, Jo Swinnen, Ruben G. Echeverria

Room: Chairman
81 - Fertilizer subsidy policies in South Asia: Reforms, reversals and consequences
Organizer: Shahidur Rashid
Participants: Alex E. Winter-Nelson, Derek Byerlee, Paul Dorosh, Mainul Hoque, Avinash Kishore, Shahidur Rashid, Jeevika Weeraheva

Room: Thompson
82 - Increasing smallholder farmers’ access to quality seeds and traits: Markets, institutions and policy considerations
Organizer: Mywish Maredia, Michigan State University
Participants: Spielman, Travis Lybbert, Gracious Diiro, Guy Hareau, Robert Shupp

Room: President
108 - Land rental markets as a pathway into agriculture for youth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Organizer: Jordan Chamberlin
Participants: Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Frank Place, Stein Holden, Hosaena Ghebru

Plenary 4, Grand Ballroom
New landscapes and challenges amidst Africa’s rapidly transforming food systems
Moderator: Thomas Jayne, Michigan State University

Presentations: Milu Muyanga, Felix Kwame Yeboah, Michigan State University; Antony Chapoto, IAPRI/Zambia, and T.S. Jayne: The role of medium and large farms in driving agri-food systems transformation in Africa
Panelists: Ousmane Badiane, IFPRI; Edward Mabaya, Cornell University; Flora Nankhuni, Michigan State University, New Alliance Policy Acceleration Support (NAPAS: Malawi); Herbert Ainembabazi, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa; John Mellor, Independent Consultant

Room: Thompson
Decision-making within agricultural house-holds: New concepts, empirical approaches and outcomes
Organizer: Véronique Thériault, Cheryl Doss
Participants: Jennifer Twyman, Melinda Smale, Diksha Arora, Dorene Asare-Marfo

Room: Oak 1
151 - Positioning agriculture for the SDGs
Organizer: Shenggen Fan 
Participants: Paul Dorosh, Keijiro Otsuka, Thomas Reardon, Will Masters, Frank Place, Cheryl Doss

Room: Ballroom E
The Future of Agriculture
David Tschirley, Michigan State University. The potential for off-farm employment opportunities in the agricultural value chains

Room: Thompson
21 - Mutual accountability: Economic foundations, best practices, and policy implications
Organizer: James Oehmke
Moderator: Ousmane Badiane
Presenters: Tsitsi Makombe, Kristin Franklin, Martin Fowler, Greenwell Matchaya, Sheryl Hendriks
Discussant: Godfrey Bahiigwa 

Room: Salon 1, 2, 3
Plenary 7
Hiroyuki Takeshima, IFPRI: The roles of agroclimatic similarity and returns to scale in the demand for mechanisation: insights from northern Nigeria




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