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Greenhouse Impatiens Downy Mildew Program


February 14, 2020 - Author:

Susceptible Cultivar Program:

1. First Application: (DAY 1)
Subdue MAXX (1 fl oz/100 gal) drench.
Treat soon after plants received unless propagator has treated just before shipment.

2. Second application: (DAY 7)
Segovis* (3.2 fl oz/100 gal) drench

3. Final application, shortly before shipment
Subdue MAXX (1 fl oz/100 gal) + Segovis* (3.2 fl oz/100 gal) drench

Resistant Cultivar Program:

1. Single application, shortly before shipment:
Subdue MAXX (1 fl oz/100 gal) + Segovis* (3.2 fl oz/100 gal) drench.

Follow all label instructions and note warnings; local restrictions may apply. Product names are given for information purposes only and are not an endorsement, nor is any criticism implied of products not mentioned.

*Do not apply more than 9.6 fl. oz. of Segovis to a single crop annually


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Mary Hausbeck

Mary Hausbeck

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