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General Protocol

• Good handling practices will be prioritized on the farm. It is understood that using low-stress handling practices contributes to the well-being and positive impact of the animal, caretaker, and the pork industry. Willful acts of abuse will not be tolerated on this farm.

• Handling equipment is available to assist in sorting and moving pigs in a safe, humane, and efficient manner.

• Approved handling equipment for pigs includes sorting boards, a rattle paddle, nylon flags, a matador’s cape, and a plastic ribbon on a stick.

• An electric prod can be used only as a last resort, typically during loading out pigs.

Procedures for Handling Different Ages of Animals

  • Handling Breeding stock (sows, gilts, boars)
  • Nursery and finisher pigs
  • Piglets

Procedure for Equipment

  • Sorting Board
  • Rattle Paddle
  • Nylon flags, Matador's cape, and Plastic ribbon on a stick
  • Electric Prod


Useful Information


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