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Heads In, Hearts In: Pingpong Catapults


June 20, 2022 - Author:

What you need to know:

Engineering is a process used to solve problems by designing, building and testing things. An engineer is a person who uses math and science to create new things, solve problems or make things better. A catapult is a type of launcher. One type of catapult can be made using a rubber band. The launching process involves a transfer of energy. The energy transfer happens when you pull the rubber band back and then you release it. Rubber bands are elastic. The elasticity allows you to stretch the band and then enables the band to return to its original shape.

What you will do and learn:

In this activity, you will practice using the engineering process to build a catapult. The goal of this activity is to see how far you can launch a pingpong ball using your catapult.


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