How Might We Ensure that Producers Are Rewarded for Producing High Quality Coffee through Access to Premium Payments?

May 1, 2016 - Author: AGLC Team

Backgrounder 1: How might we ensure that producers are rewarded for producing high quality coffee through access to premium payments? May 2016


1. Do premiums serve as a mechanism for improving the quality of coffee in Rwanda and the percentage of coffee that goes through the fully washed, specialty
2. Who receives premiums among coffee farmers? Do all farmers have fair and equitable access? Does the distribution maximize coffee productivity and quality?
3. Buyer premiums are often attached to the quality of coffee supplied, not just the quantity. Are there ways in which premium payments can be linked more directly to quality of coffee rather than quantity? This may open the door for more equitable distribution of premiums - coffee market channel?

Tags: aglc, aglc backgrounders, food security group, innovation lab for food security policy, input use and market development, rwanda

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