How Might We Understand the Effectiveness of Rwanda’s Zoning Policy in Year 1?

March 1, 2017 - AGLC Team

Backgrounder 7: How might we understand the effectiveness of Rwanda’s zoning policy in year 1? March 2017 


1.Rwanda’s government implemented zoning to improve traceability, strengthen relationships between coffee washing stations and farmers, reduce the influence of middle men, and improve coffee quality.
2. Farmers in the AGLC sample survey feel negatively toward zoning, despite their perception that zoning reduced the number of traders and increased the volume of cherry going to CWS. Can zoning be successful if farmers do not benefit from it?
3. More analysis is needed to understand zoning’s effects. However, the government should be sensitive to zoning’s short-term effects and to the needs of farmers and others affected by zoning.

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