Microorganisms Infographic



Microorganisms Infographic


There are three types of microorganisms that can contaminate fresh produce: Bacteria, Parasites, and Viruses. Between 1996 and 2014, there have been 148 FDA Outbreaks linked to bacteria, 21 outbreaks linked to viruses, and 3 outbreaks linked to parasites. 


  • Microorganisms that can multiply both inside and outside of a host
  • Good Agricultural Practices can minimize situations that support bacterial survival and growth


  • Small particles of nucleic acid that only multiply in a host
  • Only a few particles will make someone ill
  • Usually spread by individuals who have not washed their hands before touching produce
  • Prevention is key to reducing viral contamination


  • Protozoa or intestinal worms that only multiply in a host
  • Can survive in the body for a long time without producing any symptoms
  • Usually transmitted through water, and often not killed by chemical sanitizers

Source: Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Module 1


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