mouseear chickweed

Mouseear chickweed – Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare

Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet

Caryophyllaceae (Pink family)

MI Status


Life cycle

Patch-forming perennial.


Opposite, dark green, oval to spatula-shaped leaves with pointed tips and smooth margins are densely hairy and stalkless.


Prostrate, spreading stems are capable of rooting at the nodes to form dense patches. Stems are slender and very finely hairy with swollen nodes.

Flowers and fruit

Small, white flowers have five petals. Each petal is notched deeply to resemble a pair of petals. Green, hairy sepals surround petals. Fruit are slightly curved, cylinder-shaped capsules that contain many tiny, brown seeds.


Seeds and creeping stems.

Similar weeds

Common chickweed
[Stellaria media (L.) Vill.]
Differs by having an annual habit with hairless leaves and light green foliage.

Mouseear chickweed plant
Mouseear chickweed plant
Mouseear chickweed flowers and fruit
Mouseear chickweed flower
Mouseear chickweed seedling
Mouseear chickweed seedling

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