Moving Nonambulatory Animals SOP


November 22, 2019 - <>, <>, <>

General Protocol

• A pig that cannot get up or can stand with support and is unable to bear weight on two of its legs is considered nonambulatory.

• Any pig that is unable to walk or that is ill or injured AND will not recover will be humanely euthanized on the farm and will not be sent to market chains.

• If a pig is considered nonambulatory, but will be able to recover, a plan will be in place to monitor the animal, and provide treatment and a space where competitive access to feed and water is reduced.

• Approved equipment for moving nonambulatory pigs includes a loader (see Figure 1) or sled (see Figure 2).

• It is a willful act of abuse to drag, push, shock with an electric prod, or intentionally mistreat a nonambulatory animal.



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