Networking and the Job Search

March 27, 2015


Many people find jobs by networking. When you’re looking for a job, it’s no time to be shy! Your network includes all the people you know who can be helpful to you in your career or job search. Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for employment. "Everyone" means family, teachers, friends, members of your faith community, neighbors and others. Many people hire someone because they trust a friend’s or colleague’s recommendation of that person. When you meet someone you think you may want to connect with later, drop his or her contact information into a folder you've created called “Future Contacts.”

Business Handshake

Creating Your Professional Pitch Activity

This activity helps young people learn to clearly and briefly communicate with confidence who they are and why potential employers would want to consider them as candidates for job openings, volunteer experience or internships.

Job Fairs

Job fairs provide an opportunity to briefly (in about 30 seconds) make an impression on company recruiters. In 30 seconds, you can tell a recruiter about your skills and give him or her a copy of your résumé. The recruiter or another representative of the company or organization will contact you later if they want to interview you.

Career Fair Interviewing and More Activity (updated 6/2012)
This activity (one of several that are part of the "Touch the Future Career Fair") includes a helpful PowerPoint presentation, the Winning Job Interviews handout, informational interviewing questions, business handshake activity and sample interview questions. You can adapt and use all or parts the activity, depending on your audience and how much time you have. It can be a helpful presentation tool if you are offering a career fair or using it separately with a group who want to focus on learning about interviewing. (This activity was originally created by Jackie Martin, MSU Extension, Eaton County, for a 2006 résumé-building and interview preparation workshop. It has been adapted and used successfully in 4-H Exploration Days sessions and other workshops since then.)

 Career Fair Informational Interviewing Questions  (updated 6/2012) 

MSU Career Services Network

Touch the Future Career Fair

Learn how to create a “Touch the Future Career Fair” where teens aged 14 to 19 have the opportunity to get career exploration questions answered, meet and interview professionals from a variety of career pathways and begin to consider future career decisions.

Touch the Future Career Fair Activity (updated 6/2012) 
This PDF file contains the main activity information only. Handouts and sub-activities are in the following PDF and customizable Word files:



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