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Picture Table of Critical Spring Temperatures for Tree Fruit Bud Development Stages


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Old standard temperature represented the critical temperature in Fahrenheit (the lowest temperature that can be endured for 30 minutes without damage). In addition, the chart shows the temperature at which 10% and 90% of normal buds will be killed. These numbers were taken from Washington (WSU), and Michigan State Unversity (MSU) Extension Bulletins. Apple - WSU EB0913, Pears - WSU EB0978, Sweet Cherries - WSU EB1128, Peaches - WSU EB0914, Apricots - WSU EB1240, Tart Cherries - MSU Research. Rpt. 220.

All photos by Mark Longstroth, MSU Extension.

See 1-Page Table of Critical Spring Temperatures for Tree Fruit Development Stages


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