Purple deadnettle plant

Purple Deadnettle-Lamium purpureum L.

Lamium purpureum L. 

Lamiaceae family (Mint family)


MI Status


Life Cycle

Winter annual


Leaves are opposite, triangular to ovate, and are covered in soft hairs.  Young leaves at the apex are usually tinted purple while lower mature leaves are green.  Leaves are deeply veined and have scalloped margins.  Petioles are short. 


Unbranched stems are square and largely glabrous.  The lower portion of the stem is often devoid of leaves. 

Flowers and fruit

Whorls of flowers occur above the leaf axils, and a terminal whorl of flowers occurs at the top of each stem.  Flowers are tubular and are purple to pink in color.  The lower lip is divided into 2 rounded lobes.  Each flower produces 4 nutlet seeds. 



Purple deadnettle May2020 ECH (2)
Purple deadnettle plant
Purple Deadnettle Seedling  Hasenicks Mar27 2009 002
Purple deadnettle seedling
Purple Deadnettle flowerhead Bancroft April 2010
Purple deadnettle flower
Purple Deadnettle faded seedhead AgFarm May 2009
Purple deadnettle faded seedhead

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