Resilience of Urban Agriculture in Lansing


November 22, 2019 - <>, <>, Stephanie White, <>

On November 22, 2019, a diverse group of people with a common interest in Lansing’s urban agriculture system came together at the Allen Neighborhood Center to discuss two major questions:

  1. What is a desirable future for urban agriculture in Lansing?
  2. How can we support the continued thriving of the system into the future?

Workshop organizers used resilience theory to orient discussions, to understand what provides resilience within the system, and how to build on it to create a desired future. In this report, the principles of resilience theory are used to frame workshop findings and to develop recommendations for planning the future of urban agriculture in Lansing. Download the file above to access the summary report and see below for a timeline participants developed of events that have shaped Lansing’s urban agriculture system. We welcome additions to the timeline – please feel free to send us edits to events already listed or new events to include via this online form.



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