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Soybean Plant Stands: Is Replanting Necessary?


May 25, 2023 - Science for Success, funded by the Soybean Checkoff

Early in the growing season, abiotic (freezing temperatures, hail, flooding, etc.) and biotic (slugs, deer, disease, insects, etc.) factors often reduce soybean plant stands. A soybean field with poor seedling vigor, slow plant growth, and low plant stand often triggers an “I need to fix this” impulse. However, these fields don’t always need to be replanted. This fact sheet addresses some commonly asked questions to consider prior to replanting a soybean field.

Take Home Messages

  • If possible, repair-plant to improve the final stand instead of completely starting over.
  • The minimum soybean stand required to produce 95% of a full yield has been found in research to be as
    low as 50,000 plants per acre, but more than that may be safer in the case of adverse growing conditions
    (Gaspar and Conley, 2015).
  • The decision to repair-plant should focus on profitability, not on an emotional response to beat-up stands and seedlings.


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  • Shaun Casteel, Purdue University
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  • Eros Francisco, Auburn University
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  • Maninder “Manni” Singh, Michigan State University
  • Rachel Vann, North Carolina State University

The SCIENCE FOR SUCCESS series is a multi-state collaboration by university extension specialists and sponsored by the United Soybean Board.



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