Tool #1: A guide to visioning and Q methodology in food systems


August 11, 2021 - <> and <>

Throughout the United States, urban food systems are in sub-optimal states that are not operating efficiently or equitably and thus do not support food security for all. Creating change to a more sustainable and desirable state first requires acknowledging the different values of diverse groups within a city. Then these diverse values can be used to explore pluralistic pathways to desirable futures that maximize benefits for multiple stakeholders. We outline a process to integrate visioning and Q-methodology to achieve an inclusive understanding of values as priorities for a desirable food system. This approach empowers communities by giving them voice in the planning process but also allows decision makers to create pathways that more accurately reflect the needs of the various subsets of community members who hold diverse visions and priorities.

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Belisle-Toler, R. and Hodbod, J. (2019). A Guide to Visioning and Q methodology in Food Systems. East Lansing, MI: Department of Community Sustainability.



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