South Campus Animal Farms is the managing organization of MSU's various animal teaching, research and outreach centers.

South Campus Animal Farms

South Campus Animal Farms (SCAF) is home to seven farms used for teaching, research, and outreach. South Campus Animal Farms include centers for dairy cattle, beef cattle and beef cow-calf, swine, sheep, poultry, and horses and are conveniently located within three miles of central campus.

The director of SCAF is Faith Cullens-Nobis

Most of our farms are open to visitors! Please navigate to each farm's page for more information about visiting hours. 

The Michigan State University Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center is essential to the university’s teaching, research and Extension missions and its efforts to support the Michigan dairy industry. Michigan’s dairy industry generates nearly $16 billion annually. MSU’s dairy farm has been in operation for more than six decades and needs upgrades to modernize its technology and infrastructure to continue to lead the way in dairy teaching, research and outreach to support the dynamic dairy industry.

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