SpartanDrive Migration

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources will be moving from the personal U Drive to the centrally supported SpartanDrive (OneDrive) in the coming weeks. Below you can find information on how to use SpartanDrive including instructions on how to set up SpartanDrive to sync your content onto your computer.

What is SpartanDrive?

Spartan Drive is MSU's version of Microsoft OneDrive. All faculty, staff, and students that are on the CampusAD Domain (excluding affiliates) will have access to 5 TB of storage on Spartan Drive which is accessible over the web, desktop, tablet or other mobile device.

Spartan Drive does not require usage of the VPN while off campus or on non-MSU networks and allows documents to be shared to both MSU employees and external users.


Logging in to SpartanDrive

You can log into SpartanDrive using your MSU Email Address and Password by going to and then selecting OneDrive.

NOTE: The applications may be in a different order on your screen.



Resource Links

You may be required to log in using your MSU NetID and Password to view some of the instructions below.


  1. Installing OneDrive for Windows Computers
  2. Selecting Folders to Sync in OneDrive for Windows
  3. Migrating Data from U Drive to SpartanDrive for Windows


  1. Installing OneDrive for Mac Computers
  2. Selecting Folders to Sync in OneDrive for Mac
  3. Migrating Data from U Drive to SpartanDrive for Mac


  1. Creating Files and Folders
  2. Sharing Files and Folders
  3. Syncing Shared Folders to your Computer


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the character limit for a file/folder?

    The character limit is 255 characters for the entire link. This includes the file name, folder structure, and base link automatically provided by OneDrive. You may run into the character limit if you nest a lot of folders and/or if you use very long file names.

  2. Where do the folders shared with me by other users sync to?

    Shared folders will show up in a separate area from your personal synced folders in a section titled Michigan State University with a small city icon next to it. All folders shared with you from other users will show up in this area with the person's name and the folder title.

    If you have a personal OneDrive not associated with MSU, you may have an additional OneDrive folder as well.


  3. What do I do if OneDrive is having sync issues?

    Solutions to common sync issues can be found on the Microsoft Help Page for Fixing Sync Issues. If you continue to have sync issues, contact for assistance.
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