2023 Making It In Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Hummus Goodness

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Believe it or not, Hummus goodness actually started in Shanghai, China. When I was living there with my husband and three kids, I went to a party, I took homeless and people loved it. I had moved back to the US about 89 months later. And the first question people asked was, are you going to start a company again, this can be really hard to produce. It's very finicky, It's very temperamental. Opening up a can of chickpeas and dumping it in is easy. We are not easy people here at home as goodness, we soak the beans overnight. If you over soak your beans are under soak your beings, there's a lot that can go wrong. So really taking your time doing it the right way and being willing to throw out a batch. If it doesn't work out, it's very important. I think the one thing that store owners, store managers in the retail business, they all said, Well, we're going to try it first before we want to before we're going to put it on the shelf. So we've got a lot of homicide here on the shelves. How do we know what yours is versus what there is? Is taste testing really helps us because our product tastes fresh. It is fresh. It's made fresh weekly and you order, we make it, it gets delivered. It's a real short turnaround. The next new store says, Wow, if you've got Meyer and you've got Nino savages and Paul market and pop and Joe's and all these great markets around the state of Michigan than i2 want to see what's going on. And I too want to be part of that because there must be something great going on. So you get this great award from Michigan State. And it is so exciting because it really gives you the confidence to go forward to see what it was from the very beginning, that first container to where we are today and then getting the honor of winning this award just means so much. There are days and in manufacturing where it's not fun and it's hard and you question yourself, why am I doing this? What am I doing here? But winning this award, it really gave us the big boost, the confidence, which is amazing. Hi, I'm Laura loser and I'm Hanna a wada. And we are the owners of Hemings goodness. We are thrilled and honored to be named Entrepreneur of the Year. Thank you. Michigan State University product center and extension. This amazing award. We are so honored.