OUR STUDENTS - What Current Forestry Students are Saying

October 12, 2020

We recently sat down with 4 current Forestry students to get their thoughts on the program.

Video Transcript

no matter what you're doing
you're having fun because you like the
people that you're with
the access to faculty the access to
people to collaborate with the access to
research the ability to just
charge your own power that's not
definitely that's my favorite part of
forestry because i don't feel like i'm
very constricted in the major i feel
like i have the ability to choose what i
want to do
everybody knows the professors when you
say their names like it's just so
tight-knit and you have fun like your
classes don't seem like work
even when they are it's actually the
most the coolest group of people i've
ever met
and like they're extremely helpful and
they make you want to be
learning all the time and being a
student that's really awesome
in my experience all the professors i've
had in the forestry department
have been extremely helpful with any
questions i've had
in class and out of class they're always
willing to you know obviously meet
during office hours or if that doesn't
take time to meet outside of office
so i find them to be very very willing
to help you with anything we get a lot
of feedback from them
both in and out of courses and any
question that you have
they are ready and willing to answer i
know i have
friends that are in other disciplines
who can never reach their teachers
and can never get their questions
answered where i've never come into that
problem here
they're not only like available but
they're super
approachable um they're like you can
definitely tell that they
don't they're not being approachable
because they have to
they actually really want to help you
and that makes it easy for like
shy kids to come up because they know
that they're like
actually wanted to ask questions which
is really helpful
i would say forestry professors are very
accessible especially
what one of them is here david rostein
um amongst the most accessible
professors i've ever had
honestly i don't think i've had very
many teachers who have been able to just
whenever with whatever type of question
whether it's academic related or
things of different types of majors
they're very accessible and very
willing to help students in all aspects
honestly the faculty with forestry is
some of the most approachable people
i've met
i just always feel like it's really
helpful that
the the outside portion is like
the main focus and usually when we're in
lectures it feels like
this is something that's supplemental to
when we go outside
um which i think is really cool that the
focus is like learning things outdoors
because i think that's when i learned
the most and like
the teachers try to make sure that when
you're inside it's just like what's
absolutely necessary
to be inside for
i'm considering urban ecology
so ways in which you can do ecological
sciences and work
design and green infrastructure in urban
i'm i'm kind of focusing on public lands
and like natural resource management i
and like recreation a little bit so i'm
hoping to
get in with the forest service and start
to work for them in natural resource
um so i would say if you have room in
your schedule
take one of our classes and see whether
it be
the seminar course or one of our ones
that has a lab
taking a course that involves a lab will
really get you
into the field to see if you like being
outside and
it's a good way just to kind of dive in
but not be overwhelmed
um find what you like and then find your
niche in forestry
so in my case i like to do design but i
like to design things with natural
resource emphasis and because i like to
do that and do things that way
i found my niche in forestry so honestly
four she's very broad
type of major it's one of those things
where you can do a lot of different
things that you want with it
i just wanted to like accentuate that
like forestry is so broad and it's like
fun to try to find your niche um but
when you're starting from like ground
like don't be afraid to just do
everything even if you think you're
gonna be terrible at it
um like forestry is a super kind place
to do that and a lot of professors like
if you do a field
class will understand that you're
starting from ground zero and like
it's really easy to go up from there i'd
recommend coming to forestry club
again even if you're not a major people
can give you a good idea what the
program's like
a lot of the activities that we do