Join Washtenaw County 4-H

Join Washtenaw County 4-H!

We offer an abundance of educational, fun, and interactive programming for every interest! The process in becoming a 4-H member is as follows:

1. Choose a Club

Each club is different from one another, as they offer variety of projects, membership size, activity involvement and location. Attached is a club program brochure that goes over the clubs that are listed in Washtenaw County along with the contact information of the club's administrative leader. Clubs are located throughout Washtenaw County and are listed in the brochure by project and city/town.

 2023-2024 Washtenaw County 4-H Club Directory

If you are wishing to just attend state level events and not be apart of a club, that is okay as well, however, local scholarship opportunities will vary based on event. Instead of listing a club in the participation section you are will list Washtenaw County 4-H - General Experience instead. Youth will than be open to all the opportunities in the Washtenaw County 4-H Youth program, however, their won’t be any monthly meetings or club functions for them to attend. It would just be the trips, camps, county events, etc. in its place. Youth are able to join multiple clubs as well.  For example, if a youth wants to be part of a community club and also a dog club.

2. Contact the Club

Families/Members wishing to join Washtenaw County 4-H are encouraged to contact the Club Coordinator/Administrative Leader listed in the club brochure. Club Coordinators will be able to provide more information about the club and the types of projects/activities the club participants in throughout the year.

3. Sign Up in 4-H Online

Families/Members wishing to enroll in 4-H, may do so through the 4-H Online enrollment system. For families/members who do not have access to computers or internet may fill out paper accommodations upon request. Members are grouped by families in the 4-H Online system, so you can add all youth family members who wish to join. Attached is a 4-H Online Family guide that will walk you through the process of enrolling online. If any issues do arise, please feel free to contact the Washtenaw County MSU Extension Office at 734-997-1678.

Enroll in 4-H Online Now!

Paper Enrollment Forms: 

Printable forms for individuals & families who do not have access to a computer or internet. 

4. Get Activated

After the County 4-H office receives notification of enrollment submission, we will review the enrollment and activate the enrollment. An email will be sent to the Family email listed on the enrollment notifying of the status as Active. Once your membership is active, you can start participating in 4-H events and activities.  We highly recommend enrolling as soon as you can so you can stay up to date on 4-H communications.