Extreme weather events, such as flooding in parts of Michigan in 2020 and the prolonged wet weather and flooding in spring 2019 often put farmers in difficult financial positions. 

MSU Extension’s statewide network of agricultural educators have responded to these situations by tracking growing conditions, working individually with farmers, hosting crop update sessions and writing educational articles detailing how farmers could adjust to inhospitable conditions, make difficult choices and apply for crop damage assistance when applicable.

Because extreme weather issues have the potential to greatly affect farm income, educational efforts include programming dedicated to assisting farmers under stressful conditions. MSU Extension provides programming dedicated to serving farmers under stress - whether it be physical, financial, emotional or some combination of pressures. If you're a farmer who is struggling, find an MSU Extension expert who can help you or ask a question online so we can connect you to proper resources.

Resources for Farms Impacted by Flooding

During times of extreme weather, resources exist for agriculture producers in Michigan. This document serves as a tool to help farmers quickly identify what resources are available and where they can be found.


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