Taking care of crops and animals is hard on farmers and agribusiness professionals. Caring for your own health and wellness in this high-stress profession is often overlooked but is just as critical as caring for your farm business.

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Every day, farmers take meticulous care of their animals and crops, ensuring they are healthy and safe. Yet farmers need support to manage their own stress and fatigue. This stress can become especially intense when an on-farm injury occurs, commodity prices are low or natural disasters decrease yield. 

Whether these stresses come from a financial issue or the stresses of everyday life, MSU Extension can help. If you’re concerned about yourself, a family member, a friend or a neighbor, MSU Extension has a suite of resources and educators that can help identify and manage stress. Among other offerings, you can:



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Need help now?

If you need immediate assistance or are facing a potential emergency, there are services you can connect with right now. Explore our list of resources, services and information here.




Teletherapy Program

MSU Extension has partnered with Pine Rest Mental Health Services to connect farmers undergoing stress with teletherapy professionals who understand agriculture and farming.

Questions about our farm stress programming? Contact:

Eric Karbowski

Community Behavioral Health Extension Educator
MSU Extension

Our Impact


learned how to recognize signs of depression, suicide and mental illness


improved understanding of current agricultural financial situation


participants from 23 states attended the Farm Stress Management Summit