Give Green Day

Spartans will come together Dec. 3 to give back and make a difference to impact current and future Spartans.

Give to CANR Give to Michigan 4-H


Held on Giving Tuesday each year, Give Green Day is a chance to give back and make a difference to impact current and future Spartans.  

Give to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) and help students.


MSU #GiveGreenDay. Are you ready? 24 hours to make a difference.

Zero Hunger: CANR Student Success Fund

Goal: $5,000 within 24 hours on Dec. 3, 2019

One in four students are currently facing food insecurity issues, and often our academic advisors are our first responders to students and the needs that have, both academically and personally. Far too often our students attend an advisor meeting and struggle through it – and their classes – which leads many of our advisors to ask that student "when was the last time you had a decent meal?"

You wouldn't know that these students are facing hard times and struggling to put food on their tables, because they are so focused on the stresses of getting through college that they rarely speak up. This is a silent and faceless problem, but it is one that effects people you may know and interact with on a daily basis.

Give to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) and help purchase meals for students who may be facing food security issues.

Our goal of $5,000 will allow our college's Office of Academic and Student Affairs to purchase 645 meal vouchers and get them into our advisors' hands, so that as they sit with our students, and unmarked, anonymous voucher can be given to the student to get a meal in one of the cafeterias on campus.

  • A gift of $7.75 will buy one meal voucher.
  • $38.75 provides five meal vouchers.
  • $77.50 provides 10 meal vouchers.
  • $155 provides 20 meal vouchers.
  • $232.50 provides 30 meal vouchers.


Remember, our goal of $5,000 will purchase 645 meal vouchers to help get us one step closer to "Zero Hunger" for our students!