Building the Future: Infrastructure

CANR is building a brighter future with investments in infrastructure.

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Infrastructure Projects

As you explore the campus building projects, you will read some history about our buildings. More though, you will begin to see our vision for the future.

We are at a point in time when our infrastructure needs can no longer be ignored. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources spans 17 buildings across campus, and MSU Extension has staff in every county in the state, our connections are critical. That’s why we are embarking on strategic planning to improve these spaces.

These buildings represent our first steps in building a future that recognizes our students, faculty and staff all learn, teach and operate differently than they have in the past. Our spaces need to be flexible and free to be changed to accommodate meetings, classes, labs.

We cannot do this alone. We rely on a variety of ways to support these infrastructure projects – including generous funding from the State of Michigan, Michigan State University and donors, like you.

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us build the future!

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