• Awards Ceremony - 2019

    Faculty, staff, students and alumni gather for the 2019 Department of Entomology Awards Ceremony.

  • Bee-Palooza

    MSU Bee-Palooza takes place every June on the first Saturday of National Pollinator Week. This free, fun and educational event provides an afternoon of interactive activities centered on understanding the wonderful world of pollinators.

  • Beez and Brewz

    Educational events about pollinators hosted by the Department of Entomology that take place during National Pollinator Week.

  • Bug House

    The MSU Bug House offers free open houses as well as tours made by appointment. Visitors can view amazing pinned displays and interact with a whole room of insects and spiders.

  • Graduation 2018

    Congratulations to the 2018 graduates!

  • Picnics

    The Graduate and Undergraduate Entomology Student Society (GUESS) hosts the annual Entomology fall picnic to kickoff the new school year.

  • Research – Food, fuel, fiber

    MSU entomologists collaborate with other scientists to develop sustainable systems that maximize crop yields, conserve beneficial insects and minimize pesticide use, resulting in productive cropping systems.

  • Research – Human & veterinary health

    MSU entomologists are exploring multiple approaches to addressing the global problem of mosquitoes transmitting malaria, West Nile Virus, dengue and other human diseases.

  • Research – Natural resources & biodiversity

    MSU entomologists examine interactions in nature from microbes that mediate insect fitness and community dynamics to how landscape design affects insect populations.