• Courtney Larson - PhD student

    Being a Spartan means living up to high standards.

  • Rufus Isaacs - Professor

    Helping farmers support bees.

  • Deb McCullough - Professor

    Student researchers work toward healthy forests.

  • Andrew Myers - PhD student

    Why I study monarch butterflies at MSU.

  • Barry Pittendrigh - MSU Foundation Professor

    International work is in MSU's DNA.

  • Douglas Landis - University Distinguished Professor

    Douglas Landis was named University Distinguished Professor in 2017. This recognition is among the highest honors that can be bestowed on a faculty member at Michigan State University.

  • 2018 MSU Outstanding Student Leadership Nominee Lidia Komondy

    Undergraduate student Lidia Komondy was nominated for the CANR Outstanding Student Leadership Service Award for her service and leadership in the CANR and through her university activities.

  • Ke Dong's research into avoiding mosquito resistance to pesticides and repellants

    Ke Dong and colleagues are working to combat resistant mosquitoes.

  • Entomology: More Than Just Bugs

    Watch this video to learn about the Department of Entomology and our diverse studies.