Entomology Courses

The following list of courses is for general information only and is not an official listing. Please see the MSU Descriptions of Courses website for an official list of currently offered courses in Entomology. Clicking on an entry below will take you to the MSU Descriptions of Courses entry for that course number. Not all courses are offered every semester. For detailed information on course availability and subject matter consult the Descriptions of Courses website or contact the course instructor directly. Students are expected to check with their advisor each semester to discuss program planning and course selection.

Undergraduate courses

  • ENT 205 Pest Society and Environment
  • ENT 364 Turfgrass Entomology
  • ENT 401 Directed Studies
  • ENT 404 Fundamentals of Entomology
  • ENT 407 Diseases and Insects of Forest and Shade Trees
  • ENT 410 Apiculture and Pollination
  • ENT 422 Aquatic Entomology
  • ENT 460 Medical Entomology
  • ENT 461 Field Ecology and Disease Vectors
  • ENT 469 Biomonitoring of Streams and Rivers
  • ENT 477 Pesticides in Pest Management
  • ENT 479 Organic Pest Management (W) 

Graduate courses

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